Featured Independent Artist - Joy Conaway

Featured Independent Artist – Joy Conaway

Featured Independent Artist – Joy Conaway


Joy Conaway is a singer-songwriter currently residing in Atlanta, Georgia. Fueled by her desire to inspire, uplift and spread JOY to others through her music, she comforts and excites the soul through every lyric and note she releases. Her latest single, “Deepest Fear”, written by Tyrone J and produced by The Gigabots, is available for download via Soundcloud. Joy’s first EP, also produced by The Gigabots, is set to be released later this year. Join her on her journey as she brings the sun(flowers), light and love.


What inspires you?
Joy Conaway: Over-comers inspire me. People who have been underestimated, underrated, overlooked, and discarded – those are the people that inspire me.

What’s your process as a singer? As a songwriter?
This may sound crazy, but as a singer, I sing. I sing everything, everywhere. I sing at the grocery store, gas station, in the bathroom. Music is a part of me, so I incorporate it whenever I can.

How would you describe your sound?
Acoustic pop mixed with a little soul. Let’s say Katy Perry and Hillsong have a meeting and then John Legend walks into the room. (So I’d say) Katy Perry’s pop and techno sound mixed with the acoustic soul of John Legend.

Who are musicians who have inspired/influenced your sound?
My friends inspire my sound: Jayh, Jade Novah, India Shawn, Brik.Liam, Keeyen Martin, D. Scott, Rolynee, Siergio… Likewise, the sounds of Celine Dion, The Temptations, Michael Jackson, EFW, Prince, Ray Charles – I got a thing for some good old school (music) – The Clark Sisters, Kimbra, India Arie, Chantae Cann, John Legend, Kanye West, Lana Del Rey, Jazmin Sullivan, and Sam Burchfield.

Who are you speaking to through your music?
In my music I am speaking to lovers, dreamers, the creative. I am trying to create a visual story for my listener. So anyone that is willing to hear my story, I am talking to them.

My very first memory of you was through “Dream: The Urban Musical”, how has that experience shaped you in terms of growth and someone pursuing this kind of craft?
“Dream” was a new territory for me. It definitely helped me grow vocally. The biggest thing I took away from “Dream” was the idea of teamwork and togetherness. There was such a spirit of camaraderie. There’s no greater feeling than being with individuals that support your talent and want to see you win!

What does being a woman mean to you?
Being a woman means you make the impossible happen. You take someone’s “no” and turn it into a “yes”.

What is love?
Love is sacrifice. Love is patience. Love is kisses on my cheeks in public (laughs).

What is fear?
I’ve always been my most fearful when I am being ignored. I hate the feeling of trying to explain myself to someone, but they’ve shut you out. Fear for me is being ignored.

When do you feel most beautiful? What is your favorite thing about yourself?
I feel most beautiful when I help someone, when I open the door for an elderly woman, or I sit and talk to a child with a disability. I feel most beautiful when I am singing and my music has encouraged someone. I feel the most beautiful when my boyfriend (now fiance) smiles at me and I’m not wearing any makeup (laughs). My favorite thing about myself is my smile. I love to laugh and smile.

What are you words to live by?
Don’t complain about something that you’re not willing to change.