Tay’Lord Empowerment Association of Music

Tay’Lord Empowerment Association of Music

Tay’Lord Empowerment Association of Music

Featured Project – Tay’Lord Empowerment Association of Music

Tay’Lord Empowerment Association of Music, TEAM Foundation, is a non-profit organization which enriches the lives of school age students through the art of music. It is the aim of TEAM Foundation in conjunction with is sponsors and various local partners to uplift students by providing them with a platform to experience their musical career dreams while simultaneously earning school credit hours from their local school district during their normal school day. Through this exciting, unique and interactive, Team Foundation will encourage, empower and inspire the youth of today, to be the leaders of tomorrow.


Through our interactive program, T.E.A.M. will oversee the installation of recording studios and additional equipment to select high schools in the Southeast United States. Additionally, T.E.A.M. will utilize industry professional instructors to educate students on the fundamentals of the recording industry to optimize their talents towards their dreams. Additionally, class sizes will be kept to a minimum to ensure every student involved receives a phenomenal one on one experience. T.E.A.M. is delighted to announce students will receive school credit hours for their involvement in the program! T.E.A.M. is dedicated towards relentlessly providing education and enlightening youth beyond traditional borders. T.E.A.M work tenaciously to eradicate stereotypes and open the minds of not only students, but all those whom they may encounter through their journey in life.


Believing in the power of music to motivate, empower and inspire; T.E.A.M Foundation aims, to provide equipment, instruction and guest speakers to High School age youths in the Southeast the opportunity to experience the fundamentals of the recording industry as a unique and meaningful class elective while attending classes in their local schools. T.E.A.M Foundation, in conjunction with its associates, will work relentlessly to educate and enlighten youth beyond traditional borders.

Founder – Frank Taylor
Frank Taylor’s humble beginnings in 1993 in the clubhouse of a small apartment complex where he asked the community to bring a canned good to watch the upcoming artists perform at his supposed one-time event Showcase of the South, to his now two local Atlanta operating offices, three annual events including Showcase of the South and his T.E.A.M. Foundation Non-Profit Organization, Taylor is determined to help not only those with dreams of being successful artists but the kids and community they come from. Taking notice and recognizing Frank’s philanthropic efforts are not only the artists and the fans but the city as well.
Lead Instructor – Brian Jennings
A Georgia native, Brian Jennings had the benefit of developing his musical ears as Atlanta began its burgeoning rise as the new Motown. Jennings was drawn to music early on, balancing participation in the school band along with middle and high school athletics. After graduating from high school he was accepted into the prestigious School of Music at Georgia State University.

After college, Jennings joined the United States Navy which afforded him the opportunity to travel the world and gave him an urgent sense of responsibility and discipline. Jennings conscientious work ethic and leadership skills lead to advancement within the military, however music remained his true passion. After leaving the navy, Jennings returned to his hometown of Atlanta, GA determined to follow his dreams of entrepreneurship in the music industry. His musical background coupled with his education, allowed him to go between the creative side of production and the more technical side of engineering. Jennings returned to school to pursue a degree in Media production, and later received certification as an audio engineer and Pro Tools Operator.